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Travel is not to escape life, but to experience life!

What's your travel dream?

A family trip to California or Prince Edward Island,  a cooking school vacation in the Tuscan hills, a wildlife ecolodge experience in Africa, a foodie tour in the wine regions of Chile and Argentina, a cycling tour of Sardinia's archeological treasures, a wildlife cruise of the enchanted Galapagos Islands, immersion into the Mayan culture of Mexico, bird watching in the Pantanal, learning Spanish in Malaga? Or are you just looking to stretch out in a hammock under a palapa on the warm white sands of the Caribbean with a good book and a cerveza?

There are literally thousands of tours and other programs out there to almost every imaginable place, using a myriad means of transportation, each with a different theme. With Flight Centre Associates I can offer you more choices in tours than you can imagine, and at great prices.

But, maybe you want something different and more personal than a published tour or package. As a professional tour planner, I can also help you with a custom designed package or a privately guided tour. You might be very surprised to learn that private programs are, at times, not much different in price than group tours. With the flexibility to choose, you can even mix and match part group, part private.

The Reality of Travel Today

People once thought that the internet would make travel agents obsolete. For simple point to point travel, this is true (see our online booking system below) and the term travel agent is not really that accurate any more as most of us are specialists of one sort or another. The reality is that the internet has opened the door to thousands and thousands of sellers creating a flood of information. So for all the choice in the world it's actually getting harder to know what to choose, who to trust and how to make it all work out. Especially if you want that unique dream trip.

Mix that with trying know the actual costs before you travel and you can see why the majority of long haul travel and tours are still provided by trained travel specialists, like myself.

How I Got To Where I Am Today

I was born to be traveller, but I didn't know it until my first trip to Mazatlan, Mexico. I was in my early 20’s and I was on a company incentive holiday with our sales team. It was my first exposure to warm, sandy beaches and a sunny seaside but what really hooked me was Mazatlan’s downtown public market.

I was absolutely captivated by all the different fruits and vegetables, the wild hawkers reaching out get my attention from stalls selling everything from t-shirts to tomatillos. I bought like crazy and came back day after day to get fresh fruit and baked goods. I still love local markets. (The photo below is from the Otavalo market in Ecuador.)


Since then I’ve been all over Latin America. I studied Spanish in Mexico City and Antigua, Guatemala. Not satisfied with that I set off for the South Pacific and it was in a rain forest in North Queensland that I decided to make a career in international tourism. I got back to Canada and studied tour and travel getting a certificate in International Tour Planning. I also have a certificate in International Trade from FITT and am very comfortable in the international world of goods and services. 

In my career in travel and tourism I’ve worked for, managed, and owned tour companies. I've taught international tour planning, tour guiding and ecotourism for Mount Royal College in Calgary. I've worked for Canadian tour companies, Mexican companies and Italian owned companies. I consider myself an expert in tours and I have specialist knowledge of the Latin world, but I am also quite happy to help you plan any kind of trip, big or small, budget or high end.

Look over this site for travel ideas and stories from places I've visited and then call me for an initial consultation with no obligation or fee. If you like to plan your own trips, sign up for our specials newsletter below to get some awesome prices.

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George Duffy

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About George:

Have you ever seen the show, Midnight Diner on Netflix? It's a small shop in Tokyo where the chef says "I will make anything you want to eat as long as I have the ingredients". That's exactly what I do for you  in travel.

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